Words I would rather not know

Words I Would Rather not Know

Today marks seven years for my website. I’ve been very blessed to have received the gift of writing. Words have become such a part of my life that they invade my head and heart even while I sleep. In essence, words have come to represent who I am, but they’re also leading me down the road to who I want to become.

As I look back over my life, I realize that some words invaded my life without my permission. Words like barren, empty, pain, and loss are words I would rather not know. Actually, I would like to erase them, but they are now part of my story, reshaping my character, and in return drawing me closer to God.

Pain and Loss

Pain and loss are words we all know. My experience with pain began as a young child, but I must admit I lived in world where I was mostly sheltered from it. I had the usual skinned knees and elbows from an occasional bike spill, and I seemed to stay at the doctor’s office with a sore throat and allergies, but other than that, the pain I felt was quite temporary. The tears didn’t last long, and even before they dried on my face I had usually moved on to something else.

My high school through college years were somewhat more of the same, except this time the pain cut a little deeper and lasted a bit longer. The tears didn’t dry as easily when I discovered the betrayal of a friend’s trust, or when I found out the person I had a crush on wasn’t interested.

As an adult things changed. The pain that once didn’t hang around as long, now became a permanent fixture in my life. Not only was I dealing with words I was inflicting upon myself, but I was also trying to fight off the negative things said by others. I constantly felt as though I was in free-fall, like my heart was being twisted into a million pieces.

Words I would rather not know

Words have a way of yielding great power in our lives. When we hold that power in our hands, we are given the opportunity to use it for good or bad. We can speak words of life into the hearts of those who are hurting, or we can speak without thinking by offering unnecessary advice, and making careless observations.

So today, on a day when we are surrounded with words like love, hugs, sweetheart, and be my valentine, I want to challenge you. Let’s learn to think before we speak. Let’s speak words of life that comfort and heal, instead of words of hate that wound and scar. Let’s be more willing to listen to people; to hear what they are trying to say instead of placing our own words in their mouths. 

Please pray with me:

There are so many hurting people in the world today. Please give us the ability to think before we speak, so that our words will be more gracious, considerate, and healing. Let us extend a helping hand to those in need so that we might show them Your love, and offer them the compassion they are in desperate need of. As we deal with our own pain, we ask that You allow us to see beyond our hurt to the greater things You have to offer. 
In Your name I pray,


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  1. Karen Watts Reply

    I feel blessed to read your words and view your breath taking photos. I pray you’ll have not only 7 more , but many more years sharing your God given talents of writing and your artistry with a camera. Keep up the great work!

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