Tell me your story

Dear friend, I’ve been thinking a lot about you this week. I know you’re struggling with something and it’s becoming harder and harder to hold up. I want you to know that I understand. I understand how difficult it is to let go of the fear surrounding you. I understand that some days are worse than others, and most of all, I understand that sharing your heart is sometimes hardest of all.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 11:28-30 that He will carry our burdens for us. I believe He also puts people in our lives to be His shoulders. Although it’s vital we share our hearts with Him, it’s a blessing to find people we can trust to be transparent with too, people who remind us what we look like when love sees us.

Tell Me Your Story
So today, I want to recognize those of you who need to be seen, who need to hear that it’s going to be okay.

Blessed are you my friend who struggles with self-worth. I know the world tries to get you to value yourself in an unfair way. It wants you to believe that your looks, your weight, your height, or your hair should look a particular way, but Jesus says, “show me your heart, and then let me show you who you are in My eyes, for I long to tell you that you are beautiful just the way you are. Give me those feelings of negativity.”

Blessed are you my friend who struggles with loneliness. You believe no one could be interested in being your friend, but Jesus says, “I long to be your friend. I want to be someone who’s closer than a brother. I want you to see that you mean the world to me. Give me your pain, and open your heart to love.”

Blessed are you my friend who can barely make ends meet. I know your heart is so overwhelmed right now, and you wonder if there’s an end in sight, but Jesus says, “keep walking with me and I’ll make sure you are taken care of and provided for. I see how you are struggling and I want to stand there in the trenches with you. Give me your future. Allow me take over. ”

Blessed are you my friend fighting the unseen forces of the mind. The lies you are being fed by the enemy leave you feeling trapped and unworthy, but hold on, for help is coming. Cling tightly to Jesus when He says, “listen to My promise that I will never leave, nor abandon you. I see how hard it is, and I know that you are desperately trying to do it on your own. Give me your tortured thoughts, hand over your desperate pleas.” 
Blessed are you my friend who feels as though your past defines you. You’re embarrassed and defeated because things didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to. Take heart because Jesus says, “Your sins have been forgiven. You are no longer who you were; your slate has been wiped clean and erased by Me. I see how others try to make you feel. Look to me only, give me your hurt feelings, trust me to heal your heart.”

As I read through the descriptions above, I have to admit that I see myself in a few of them. I too have heard those lies in my head, and so many times I’ve wanted to believe they were true. But instead of dwelling on them, I’m trying to show Him my wounds, and allow Him to leave only scars behind.

The scars you and I have are a reminder of where we’ve been. They tell our stories in a way that can bring healing and closure, and they allow us to share the marks He has left on our hearts to those who most need to hear our stories.

I don’t know exactly how you feel, but I know that many of our stories are similar, and when we share them with each other, the enemy loses a lot of power. He wants us to believe we are alone, and uses fear, discouragement, and other lies to hold us in chains.

I love you my friend, and I’m praying that as you read this you will know that you will never be alone. I’m also praying that each one of you listens to the words of Jesus this week so you can take back the power the enemy holds over us. Tell people your story, allow yourself to be seen.

This devotion is based on the song “When loves sees you” by Mac Powell from the “The Story Soundtrack.”

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Tell me your story

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