Sunday is coming

I hate to wait…on anything. It’s inherited; I have family members (not mentioning any names, dad) who are just like me. I hate waiting on people to meet me, cookies to bake, flowers to bloom, being called back for a Dr.’s visit, or for that tiny line to turn pink. I just really don’t like waiting.

There’s a certain grace to waiting though isn’t there? Waiting teaches us that things don’t always go our way, and that there’s a particular time for every season. But most of all, waiting prepares us. It prepares our hearts so that even through the bitter, the sweetness of someday will become much more precious to us.

On that long ago Friday when Christ was placed in His tomb, all His loved ones, His followers, spent that night and all of Saturday waiting. They waited to see if His promises really would come true. Was what He had been telling them through all those long months of traveling by His side really true, or just wishful thinking? Saturday had to be tough. It must have seemed to stretch beyond infinity. Their words to each other wanting to bring comfort, but maybe the doubt in the hearts keeping them from trying very hard.

We’ve all had profound seasons of waiting. Waiting by the graveside, tears pouring out so deep and overwhelming that you’re not sure your heart can take much more, waiting through the tough treatments, each one becoming harder and harder to endure, waiting all those years to become a mother, the barren womb that feels emptier with each year that passes, or waiting for the phone to ring about the job your family so desperately needs.

While we are waiting, the time can be some of the loneliest moments of our lives. It can be almost unbearable and leave us feeling so empty inside. Exactly how I imagine Jesus’ disciples felt when they awoke on Sunday morning; the morning after two of the toughest days of their lives. But you know what? That Sunday changed everything for them. That Sunday was filled with life, and joy, and peace, and comfort, and fullness; a wholeness they had never experienced before. The darkness of death had been erased by the sweetness of life, and my friend, it was so sweet that it was like honey dripping fresh from the comb.

So, I want to encourage you today. If you are currently in the midst of a Friday where death seems to prevail over you like a dark cloud, where the answers you have been searching for are out of reach, and nothing makes sense to you, I’m asking you to please hold on. Hold on tight, because your Sunday is coming.

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Sunday is Coming

Photo © 2016 Salina T Gibson 

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