Review of You’re chronically ill so now what?

You’re Chronically Ill

When my good friend Shelly told me she was publishing a book about chronic illness, I was so excited for her. When she asked me to read and write a review for the book, I was ecstatic.

I first met Shelly through our websites, and due to our love of many of the same things, we’ve created a great and godly friendship; her perseverance of life through her love of God has been very inspiring to me.

A few years ago, a book about chronic illness wouldn’t have piqued my interested as much as it does now, but after suffering a back injury almost ten years ago, I’ve recently been dealing with sciatica pain that has turned chronic. This pain has been very frustrating to me because it has kept me from doing a lot of ordinary things that I previously took for granted.

So Now What?

Shelly’s book is written for someone who has just discovered they have a chronic illness, and provides a daily devotional for the first 30 days of the illness. Shelly speaks from experience. She suffers from Intracranial Hypertension and an unnamed neuro-degenerative disease. After brain surgery in 2012 to install a VIP Shunt, she had a second surgery in 2014.

You’re chronically ill so now what?covers a multitude of subjects dealing with chronic illness. Shelly is honest with each topic she covers. She doesn’t sugar-coat anything; nothing is off limits. It’s okay to get angry she says. “Anger is a normal human emotion that even Jesus felt at times.” It’s okay to be frustrated, tired, and angry.


“You’re chronically ill so now what?” gives hope to anyone suffering a chronic illness, not just those recently diagnosed, but all. It gives encouragement through God, that even if the healing doesn’t come (now) it will someday in Heaven. I highly recommend this book, and I’m so proud of my friend for finding the courage to write and publish it.  

You can find more from Shelly online at her website 

you're chronically ill so now what


Title: “You’re chronically ill so now what?”
Author: Shelly Benoit Hendricks
Paperback: 136 pages
Renewed Daily Publishing, 2015
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