Praying through the fear


I step tentatively into the unknown. My footsteps are unsure, unsteady in their awkwardness. I want to stay here in the present instead of putting my faith in the future, in something I can’t see.

But You place my feet on a rock and hold them firmly in place. You keep my head above the churning waters, and protect me from drowning in the dark abyss. I cling to You knowing that to let go would be way scarier.

“Lord,” I cry out, “if You are with me, then who can be against me?” I repeat this over and over again, knowing that the answer to this question is a promise that I must hold on to. If You are with me, then I have nothing to fear.

Why do You continue to deal with my doubt and unbelief? Why do You wrap me up in Your mercy over and over again? Do You truly love me that much?

I receive Your answer as You tenderly remind me that I am Yours, and that You love me with an incomprehensible kind of love that I will never fully understand.

Even now, I tremble with fear, yet You steady my footsteps with Your words of love and hope. When doubts start to overwhelm my mind, you help me realize that I’m not doing this on my own. Give me the courage to remove the veil from my eyes so I can recognize Your goodness and mercy.

Father, I know that You not only number my days, but that my life begins and end with you. With this in mind I have no choice but to hand it all over to You.

Thank You, that in my weakness I will always have Your strength. When I try to lean on my own understanding, I’m given the wisdom to see that Your ways are more than sufficient.

Thank You that through Your power, I can throw off the chains of doubt and replace them with Your truth.

Thank You, that through Your Word, I can read those promises and understand how very much you love me.

Thank You that through Your grace, I believe that You want the best for me and that You will always be one step ahead of me, guiding me along the path You created for me before I was born.

Today, I’m choosing to remove the chains of doubt and replace them with Your sweet words of truth. Today, I’m accepting that I am Yours and You are mine, and that nothing, no power above, or power below, will ever be able to keep me from Your love.

Thank You for Your unending patience, and for loving me so tenderly.

In Jesus’ name I pray,


praying through the fear

Photo © Salina T Gibson

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