Prayer for peace and safety

“He has remembered His covenant forever, The word which He commanded to a thousand generations, The covenant which He made with Abraham, And His oath to Isaac. Then He confirmed it to Jacob for a statute, to Israel as an everlasting covenant.” Psalms 105:8-10

Prayer for peace and safety
Join me as I offer a prayer of salvation for our families and friends, a prayer for peace and safety for our country, the persecuted Christians around the world, and the Nation of Israel. 


We know the strength of our heart is in You, but on those days when darkness abounds so strongly, when it seems like Your light is farther away than it really is, we become scared. Sometimes it’s so overwhelming that all we can do is drop to our knees and call out to You.

You tell us that no man knows the day of Your reappearing, but You did leave us with signs to watch for, and as I see the events unfold in Your homeland, I can’t help but wonder, are we really near the end? Are You coming soon?

Lord, I place it all in Your hands, but I continue to think of my family and friends who have yet to ask You into their hearts. I pray more earnestly than ever that You will open their eyes  so they will see You, and open their hearts so they can know You.

We look to You for peace, for we are unable to find it anywhere else or in anyone else. We run into Your arms to be comforted, for You alone are the Great Comforter, the One we put our hope in. 

Father, today we lift up the people of Israel, the Children of Jacob, Your treasured possession. We pray for relief from their persecution, protection from the evil that abounds so strongly in their midst, and for the countries that surround them. We pray that as they stand in the shadow of such evil, they will remember that Your shadow is much bigger, and always stronger. May we continue to remember Your people daily, and all the many who are standing up for and dying in Your name. 

For it is in Your name that we pray,



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