Lay your life down

Matthew 10:39
Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” NIV

Let’s say you were standing in line at the grocery store and someone came up to you and asked, “How much does it cost to become a follower of Jesus?” What would your answer be? I’m sure the first thought to enter your mind would be that it doesn’t cost anything; that it’s a free gift. Yes, in many ways it is, because Christ paid the ultimate price and sacrificed Himself freely.

But if you truly decide to pick up your cross and follow Him, it will actually cost you everything, because you’ll have to give away something very precious to you; you will have to give away your life.

There’s really not a day that goes by when we are not giving ourselves away in some form or fashion, but stop and think for a second, how much of that time are we giving to God? Are we giving enough? Do we even know how much enough is?

I truly believe that God knows we can’t give him every single second of every day; that will only occur when we are spending eternity with Him. For now we need to learn to create a balance of spending “our time” in comparison to “God’s time.” There’s always going to be days when the hours seem to be on fast forward, and before you know it, it’s late at night and you are standing in your bathroom brushing your teeth in front of the mirror. I’ve been there many times, feeling guilty because I realized I didn’t spend enough God time of my own, but I will never get to the point in my life where I will no longer be in the need of a Savior. In fact, I want the theme song of my life to consist of the following words:

“I’m giving my life to the only Son who was and is and yet to come.” (Chris August)

Giving your life to God’s ministry requires faith, commitment, perseverance, and self-discipline. It’s not for the faint of heart, because there will be times when you will have to stand up for what and Who you believe in. It’s not for the weak in Spirit because God’s love will enable you to do things you never thought possible. It’s not for the proud, the haughty, or the self-seekers for we are required to die to our selves.

The glory of God

In Matthew 4:19, Jesus asked two future disciples, Peter and Andrew to drop what they were doing and follow Him. Without so much as a, “wait, let me run back and grab my favorite coat, get the piece of parchment I just started reading, or snag the sack of coins I’ve been saving for a new boat,” these common fisherman unequivocally and without question walked away from everything they had ever known and followed Him. That’s the kind of power this Son of God had; and still has today.

As a child of His, when you read this doesn’t it make you want to run to Him and give your life away all over again? Well see, that’s what I’m talking about. When you pledge every ounce of your being, devote one hundred percent of your heart, and give away your soul to the One and Only, then your wants, your needs, your very life becomes second best. You learn that the only way to find Life is to lay your own life down.

Please pray with me:
We ask for more and You supply it. You ask for more and we come up with excuses. Please forgive our short comings and help us to continue to develop our character until we can’t help but become more like You.


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  1. V Reply

    Great word. Oh that we all could drop everything and run after Jesus….what great things would happen. Glad I happened by tonight.

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