He will restore

I received the picture by text message. The brilliant splash of yellow coming from a full grown sunflower spilled out of my phone reminding of beams of light and bursts of happiness.

Upon seeing the picture, I had to run out to my flower garden to look for my own sunflower. Instead, what I found made me want to crumble to the ground in tears.

My friends and I share a love for flowers. Earlier this year one of them bought three small kits so we could grow sunflowers. Since we planted ours at the same time, when I saw my friend’s picture of her sunflower by text, I just knew mine would look the same. Once I went to my flower garden though, all I found was a bare stem in the ground and evidence that something (a deer?) had chomped off all the blooms. Heartbroken, I slunk back into the house leaving the dead stem still stuck in the ground.



Days went by and still I was unable to pull that empty stem out of the ground.

“I think it will come back up next year,” I thought. “Maybe I can build an 8-foot tall picket fence around it,” I reasoned.




What I never, ever expected was to walk outside a few weeks later and see that not only was the top bloom back, but fresh blooms had started popping out up and down the stem.

I was having trouble believing that an empty stem could reproduce brand new flowers. In fact, I was pretty sure it was dead and gone.


How many times do we have the same attitude about something we are struggling with?

The enemy wants us to give up, to walk away and believe that we’ll never be happy, that what we are struggling with can’t be restored, but God tells us that anything is possible. With faith, we can trust that He is capable of turning any negative situation into something brand new.

No matter what you are facing today, whether it’s known or unknown, God is in still in charge. Don’t ever give up the Hope that it’s never going to get better, because He is a redeeming God and He loves to surprise us.

“The Eternal will stand close to them with blessing and mercy at hand, and the God who redeems will right what has been wrong.” Psalm 24:5 The Voice




Photos © Salina T Gibson





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