God’s great paintbrush

The longer I stared at the photo, the more I yearned to dive headfirst into it. Displaying a magnificent show of red, orange, yellow and brown, the photo engaged my eyes in a dance that only autumn could truly manage to pull off.

 ISO 320, Aperture f/5.0, Shutter speed 1/100 sec, 10-20 mm lens
I entered the world of art my freshman year of high school when I signed up to take Introduction to Art. Thinking it would be an easy class, I was all prepared to color inside the lines, and then wait on my A. Instead, I was blessed with a teacher who refused to accept mediocre work. She graced each of us with not only the patience to challenge us to keep trying, but also the drive to cause us to go above and beyond our abilities to succeed. This mentality carried me through four years of high school art, and another four years of college art; today, I still use art as a means of expressing myself.
 ISO 320, Aperture f/4.0, Shutter speed 1/2000 sec, 10-20 mm lens
I’ve always felt like art is a gift used to help the rest of us see, feel, and think about things we might not discover on our own. God has given us many creative ways to do this, but not all of them are expressed through the pages of a book, come from the tip of a paintbrush, or are delivered by the chords of a guitar.
In her book A Million Little Ways: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live, Emily P Freeman stresses this point when she talks about how we are God’s creative masterpieces, and in return when we share ourselves, we share God’s art with others.
“We arrived here as art and we spend our lives uncovering the beauty we have to offer – not just the work of our hands but the shape of our hearts. We are here as expressions of God to reflect his glory in the world. As the community of humanity, we will do that in a million different little ways.”
 ISO 320, Aperture f/5.6, Shutter speed 1/250,
10-20 mm lens
No matter what we believe about ourselves, each of us have special talents we can use for the Kingdom. I want to be used as God’s paintbrush. I want my writing and photography to reflect His creation, and if it helps you slow down for even just a minute to praise and thank God, then that’s all I ask.
Look for ways you can share your art this week. Write a friend an encouraging letter, or send them a card. Hold the door open for someone, smile at everyone you pass. Whatever you do, I know it will brighten someone’s day, but it will also help them see how very beautiful God’s art can be.

Please pray with me:
We come to You today in prayer thanking You for the many ways You use us to show the world Your art. Thank You for all the beautiful things You create, but most of all thank You for breathing life into us.
In Jesus’ name I pray,


Photos © Salina T Gibson

Emily P. Freeman, A Million Little Ways: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live, (Grand Rapids, MI: Revel Publishing, 2013), 129.

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18 comments on “God’s great paintbrush”

  1. Rachael Reply

    I am starting that book this weekend. Very much looking forward to it. I loved her first one, "Grace for the Good Girl." Are you doing the online book club at inCourage for Emily's book? Thanks for sharing, Salina! Have a great weekend! Love, Rachael

  2. stgibson19 Reply

    Yeah, I'm in one of the groups reading it. I love this book. I'm halfway through but already learned so much. Hope you have a great weekend as well Rachael.

  3. Mia Reply

    Dear SalinaYour words are so true! Just looking at our broken world, we see the Hand of the Master Artist. I think the greatest, most beautiful art form is to love totally without any selfishness and not even be aware of the beauty and joy you are creating on the canvas of another person's heart! Is that even possible without our God who is love!Blessings XXMia

  4. Anita Reply

    God's beauty in His creation always brings me such peace. He enables me to step outside of the world, and just enjoy time being surrounded by His glory. I especially like going places that has nothing man made.Thanks for your post and sharing your photos.

  5. Ann Pop Reply

    Hi, Salina! This time of year is especially enjoyable to see the beauty of creation and the seasons – God's artwork. What a great example of creativity He have given us! I agree that we each have gifts from God that we are to share and encourage others with. Your photos are so pretty!! Thanks for sharing and hosting your blog hop!Blessings, Ann @ Christ in the Cloudshttp://christintheclouds.blogspot.com/

  6. metzgersix Reply

    Beautiful pictures and thoughts! And thank you for the link up, I added my link.Thanks for linking up with Woman to Woman's Word Filled Wednesday! God bless!Jenifer

  7. Sharon Reply

    Salina, I hopped on over here from w2w. What beautiful photos these are. And yes, they are truly works of art. I love what you had to say about art – about how it doesn't have to be defined necessarily in the *usual* ways. God is the Creator, and He is infinitely creative. We are all His works of art, and He desires to paint His beauty into the world through each one of us!GOD BLESS!

  8. Pamela Reply

    I just received this book in the mail yesterday. You've made me even more eager to begin it. I have a daughter who is beautifully talented in music and making a home. But she also feels like God gave her the gift of cleaning. She just loads up her own sweeper/cleaning supplies and gives the gift of cleaning to an elderly person, young mother or someone she just wants to bless. She's an artist with a feather duster. Your photographs blessed me today.

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