Covered by grace

Do you spend a lot of time trying to pick out something to wear?

Every day we have a decision to make about the kind of clothing we are going to wear. We shuffle through the different choices in our closets, going back and forth until we finally make a decision. What we need to realize though is that we have an opportunity to clothe ourselves in something far greater than physical clothing; we also have the ability to wrap God’s grace around us.

May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace.”
Galatians 1:3 NLT

Receiving God’s grace doesn’t depend on us doing anything to get it. It doesn’t require anything at all from us; simply asking for it is enough to receive it. His grace is big enough to cover each and every weakness we have, and it’s capable of covering us from head to toe. May we keep this in mind as we decide each day how we are going to dress ourselves.

Covered by grace

As we pull our shirt over our head, let’s think about His grace covering our arms, our neck, our chest, our stomach. When we place each leg through the legs of our pants, let’s feel His grace pouring down every inch of our bodies. Let us step boldly into our shoes with the confidence that His grace will guide our feet with all the strength and stamina needed to carry us safely through the day.

When we talk about God’s grace, we do so with the understanding that the grace He provides comes from Him and Him alone; we are completely covered by grace. It doesn’t rely on our own ability, but God’s ability. When we apply this to our lives it gives us the courage, the power, and the strength to endure anything the world throws at us.


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  1. Carrie Hunter Reply

    Salina I love the visual of actually dressing! Our mirrors at church will have Col. 3:12-14a, with the concept of actually “putting on” printed on them as a reminder to actually take the action to put on the attributes that please God. Thank you for your devotional!

    • Salina Gibson Reply

      Thanks Carrie. I love that idea for the mirrors, they are going to be beautiful when finished.

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