Book review of Jesus Helps Me

Review of Jesus Helps Me” Knowing My God Series

I periodically review books for Shelton Interactive clients. This month I was asked to review a book by the Graham Blanchard team called “Jesus Helps Me.” It’s a children’s board book (each page is hardback) that contains a full-color photo on each page along with the words to the Bible verse John 12:44-47. The book is 18 pages long and is part of the Knowing My God series. It’s also in the Learn, Absorb, Praise family of books, which allows your child to grow with it, meaning your newborn will love to hear your voice as you read to them, your toddler will love to see and discuss the beautiful pictures on each page, and as your older child will absorb the Bible verses and the overall meaning of the book.


I absolutely adore this book. As a photographer I was pleasantly surprised to find the beautiful full-color photos inside. Each page has a picture of a different bird, with corresponding info on the following page of each bird. It’s just a beautifully put together book, and I highly recommend it to all parents, Sunday school teachers, and caretakers of young children. I plan on checking out the other books in the series, and recommend that you do too.


Book Details

Book: Jesus Helps Me
Author: Callie Grant
Board Book: 18 pages
Publisher: Graham Blanchard (Feb 2016)


Purchasing Info

Available from Amazon, Christian and other book retailers.


I was given a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes. I was not asked to give a favorable review; all opinions are my own.




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