Ask and you will receive

‘Just ask and it will be given to you; seek after it and you will find.
to knock and the door will be opened for you.
All who ask receive.
Those who seek, find what they seek.
And he who knocks,
 will have the door opened.’

Matthew 7:7-8 (The Voice)

Voice of truth

Please join me in prayer


I kneel before You confident that Your ear is bent toward me listening intently.

My life may be a small speck to the world, but to You, I mean everything.
There is nothing more comforting to me than to realize my prayers
are not only heard by You, but that they actually matter.

So today, I come to You in humble thanksgiving for the gift of prayer.
I thank You for the ability to ask whatever might be on my heart.
I thank You for giving me the confidence of knowing that even something
that might be considered small to others, will always be big to You.

Holy Father, I continue to lay my requests before Your throne with praise in my heart. (Psalm 5:3)
I praise You for hearing the greatest desire of my heart. (Acts 16:31)
I praise You for coming to seek and save those who are lost. (Luke 19:10)
I praise You because I see the reality of what prayer is able to accomplish. (Psalm 6:9)

I see a melting heart, breaking free of the darkness that has long kept it from seeing You.
I see hope in the form of a desperate plea starting to unfold into a thing of beauty.
I see life where there was once only discouragement, pain and fear.
I see Your grace, love, and mercy pouring down in a continued shower. 

Thank You for this gift, this wonderful gift of prayer.

In Your name,


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